In our attempt to remind people of elements in the city, such as the almost 500m long and 4m high monumental wall along the Beirut Highway which falls in the line of  vision yet is neutral enough to be left out of the margin of the people’s mental images on this speeding track, we have tried to create a subtle moment by intervening upon this wall and asking a question that triggers many others to those who would venture to look up and see it.

To find out more about the answer to the question, check our pages that cover history, memory and describe the station today.


The initiative of this blog is to draw back the attention onto a forgotten space, at the heart of Beirut – capital city of Lebanon – enclosed between four walls: a train station frozen in time, where only green kept living.

Mar Mikhael station is a potential breathing space for a Beirut that keeps on densifying.

Its tracks are still there behind the wall and extend through the city; it’s time to take a look again and remember…